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How Often Should I Vacuum?

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A clean and presentable home is essential and can be ensured by vacuuming regularly. By vacuuming, you keep allergies and dust at bay while at the same time maintaining clean carpets and floors for a considerable period.

However, you might wonder how long you should wait before vacuuming your floors and carpets, whether it is once per week or every day. Below are several considerations you should make before determining how often you should get your vacuum cleaner out and clean your floors and carpets.

Importance of Regular Vacuuming

To extend the life of your floor, carpets, and rugs, regular vacuuming is an essential task. Also, to ensure that your home is clean and doesn’t have dander, dust, or flying pollen, regular vacuuming comes in handy. Obviously, the longer the debris stays on your carpets and rugs, the further it will sink into thus making the cleaning work hard since you will have to deep-clean them. Worse still, if you leave filth unchecked for a long time, your floor treatments can be ruined extensively thus requiring replacement which can be very expensive.

When Should You Vacuum?

If your home is fairly active with pets and kids you will need to regularly vacuum the high-traffic areas such as dining rooms, mudrooms, and hallways. Low traffic areas such as bedrooms can be vacuumed at least once per week whereas guestrooms can be vacuumed bi-weekly. Another determining factor is the number of residents in the house whereby a home with one or two people can be vacuumed on a weekly basis, but the frequency should be increased if there are pets and children.

What Are the Benefits of Frequent Vacuuming?

Vacuuming the carpeting of your entire home is strongly recommended to improve occupants’ overall health, not to mention improve the look and feel of your carpet and rugs. Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy:

  • Your carpeted floors will stay in tip-top shape.
  • Improved health benefits and reduced health problems.
  • Remove dirt from foot traffic and high traffic areas.
  • Save time – vacuuming more frequently allows you to get the job done faster!

Will Regular Vacuuming Help Remove Pet Dander, Dust, and Pollen and Improve Air Quality?

Carpeted floor and carpet fibers hold in substances and other debris that not only shorten the life of your carpet but are harmful to your health. Even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, home experts recommend daily vacuum cleaning to minimize allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Be sure to vacuum slowly and use a vacuum that uses HEPA filters to get the most out of your vacuuming sessions.

These are just a few things that vacuuming frequently will reduce or remove:

  • Surface dirt and debris
  • Dead skin cells
  • Dust mites and dust mite excrement
  • Smaller microscopic allergens
  • Some bacteria
  • Other contaminants and allergens

When Should I Have My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Even if you vacuum regularly, at some point it’s going to be time for a professional carpet cleaner. Carpet stains such as pet stains or stubborn stains, such as red wine, will require the assistance of a professional carpet cleaning company. Steam cleaning methods can remove tough stains by cleaning at a high temperature. This safely removes dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants that vacuuming can miss.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Service from Local Professionals

Undoubtedly, vacuuming has numerous benefits for your flooring and carpets. Houses with pets need extra vacuuming attention. However, the day-to-day hustle can keep you from vacuuming your home regularly.

Thus, you may need the help of house cleaning professionals to ensure that the job is done perfectly. Looking for reliable carpet cleaners? Then look no further. Contact the team at Greener Method today, we are the go-to carpet cleaning company!

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