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Protect Your Grout and Tile This Winter with These Cleaning Tips

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Tiles have been used for thousands of years—and for good reason! Tiles are extremely versatile, stylish, and highly customizable, and they can truly stand the test of time. Of course, installing and maintaining this wonderful material in your bathroom or kitchen can be a smart investment in your home’s value.

That is why it is so important to know how to take the best care of your tiles, extend their lifespan, and rediscover their beauty. Get started with these essential professional tile cleaning tips by Greener Method.

Tile Cleaning vs. Grout Cleaning

First, it’s important to understand that cleaning your tiles isn’t the same as cleaning the grout. Tiles are made from a range of materials, but the most common ones are porcelain, ceramic, and glass. These are non-porous materials, which can’t absorb water, gas, or other liquids, making tiles stain- and moisture-resistant.

On the other hand, grout is commonly made from sand, which makes it a porous material prone to staining and mold growth. Keep in mind the difference when cleaning tiles and grout!

Remove Surface Dirt

For both tiles and grout, it is important to always remove surface grime or dirt that might accumulate through daily usage. Some options to remove surface dirt include:

  • Using a moist wipe
  • Sweeping the tiles
  • Using a vacuum for floor tiling

You may also use common household cleaners that are free of harsh chemicals or homemade solutions that include vinegar or baking soda.

Clean Your Tiles and Grout Regularly

Tiles and grout can be more prone to trap dirt and foster the growth of mold and mildew than other materials. In particular, grout can also be affected by spots and discoloration, which might be more difficult to treat and can affect the look of your entire walls and floors.

That’s why it’s important to add grout and tile cleaning to your daily or weekly cleaning schedule! If you let too much time pass between the cleanings, you will have to deal with far more serious issues, including:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Stubborn stains
  • Discoloration
  • Structural damage
  • Leaks

Preventive Cleaning With Water and Baking Soda

While cleaning your tiles and grout on a regular basis is important, it’s also essential to take steps to prevent staining, mildew growth, discoloration, and dirt. Luckily, you can do so simply by preparing a homemade solution with water and baking soda paste.

Using an old toothbrush, work the paste into the grout and rinse the area with water. This simple trick can help you keep staining at bay and stop the spread of pests. It might sound too easy to be effective, but this quick fix can keep your tiles and grout healthy until your next deep clean!

Invest in Grout Sealer

Grout is often made from sand and used to fill holes in between tiles. While grout finishes the look of your tiling work and keeps the tiles in place over time, this substance can easily absorb moisture and other liquids. Using a grout sealer solution allows you to modify the porous nature of grout and prevent it from absorbing liquids.

Always Remove Excess Water

A key element of an efficient tile and grout cleaning strategy is consistency. What you do every day and how you take care of your tiles can impact how long your walls and flooring will last and how they will look.

Simple actions such as removing excess water from your tiles can remove moisture and prevent water staining and damage. All you need for this is a squeegee and a few minutes after your shower or bath!

Call Professional Tile & Grout Cleaners To Make Your Surfaces Sparkle Again

When enough time goes by, even the most diligent homeowners may notice signs of ground-in dirt and discoloration. However, our team at Greener Method knows the exact methods that will perfectly suit the stone, tile, and grout in any room—and we have specially-formulated solutions to keep your pets & family safe from harsh chemicals.

If your home’s tiles could use a restoration, call the professional tile & grout cleaning experts at Greener Method today!

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