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Tips for Restoring Your Property After a Flood

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With the upward trend in extreme precipitation events, flooding is an increasing challenge for homeowners. If a flood has caused water damage in your home, you are undoubtedly concerned about the fate of your property. If you have significant damage to your structure, carpets and belongings, consulting with a water restoration professional is a good first step in your cleanup process.

Why Consult With a Professional?

  • Floodwater is considered black water, the most hazardous level of water contamination. Cleaning up property damaged by black water requires the help of trained restoration professionals. Here’s why:
  • Floodwater has the potential to contain sewage, toxic chemicals and other unknown health hazards.
  • Remediation specialists are trained to work with highly contaminated property safely.
  • Hazardous water damage is sometimes invisible to a homeowner’s untrained eye.
  • Professionals work quickly, minimizing secondary damage that can occur as time passes.
  • A specialist generally has professional relationships with resources for restoring items such as machinery, documents and electronics.
  • With your cleanup underway, you will have restoration technicians cleaning and drying your property. It may help you feel more comfortable to know what to expect.

What Happens to Your Belongings?

Once the bulk of the water is removed, a team will begin working with your belongings. Carpets and upholstered furniture absorb water easily, and the damage level will dictate the restoration possibilities. Professional carpet cleaning will likely need to include sanitation. Damaged pads probably need to be discarded. Water damage experts often recommend discarding upholstered furniture that can easily be replaced. Special items may be able to be restored.Electronics, such as computers, need specialized processes to dehydrate and refurbish them. Damaged paper-based products, such as books, photos and documents are challenging as water breaks paper down quickly. A document team will dry and restore these items as best they can. Some may be lost. Document services should provide HIPAA-certified personnel to ensure your confidentiality is protected.

Home flood damage can generate a disruptive cleanup process as your property undergoes water restoration. A trained remediation team can offer safe, specialized processes for restoring your belongings and your peace of mind in a challenging time.


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