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Your Area Rug Can Look as Good as New

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An area rug can pull together a room, offering color and texture. In addition, it has the added benefit of creating a soft, homey feel, making it an excellent place for little kids to play with a toy. Unfortunately, these pieces pick up dirt and grime, especially if located in high-traffic zones. This can make it frustrating, fading the appearance and simply turning a beautiful centerpiece into something dingy. You can take measures to protect it. Here are three things to help maintain its look.

Call in Professionals

While you can try to treat stains and dirt on your own, that can be time-consuming and difficult. Specialists have more knowledge about the different materials, textures, and needs of your rugs. Therefore, contacting a carpet cleaning company could help restore the materials more safely. In addition, a thorough rug cleaning not only provides a deep clean, but also removes allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. Enjoy comfort, and feel good about walking on it.

Treat Issues Immediately

Did someone spill red wine on the carpet? Did your child sneak into the living room with ice cream, letting it drip all over? Get moving, and attack them right away. These spots can become tough to remove. First, you’ll want to read the directions on the area rug, following them as closely as possible. Can it be soaked? Do it. Does the company recommend the washing machine? Wrap it up, and run it on gentle. Then, air dry if possible, avoiding any snags.

Clean Regularly

Establish a maintenance routine. Run the vacuum regularly, picking up crumbs and debris. You want to avoid little feet grinding the particles into the yarn. Finally, rotate it every few weeks so that traffic doesn’t wear it down in some areas. This may help preserve color and texture.

Find Quality Rug and Carpet Cleaners to Clean Up Your Home

Keeping up with the maintenance of your area rugs and carpets will help to extend their lives. The quicker you get to the clean-up, the more likely it is to fully recover the rug and make it look new again. Working with an experienced crew of rug and carpet cleaners like Greener Method is a great way to protect your belongings. Give our team a call today to set your appointment.

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